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Hi everyone

I have I7 with Asus P6t deluxe v2; it runs at stock speed 2.67 GHz, but temperature is always 47-50c (idle). When I overclock to 3.2 - 3.6 temp reaches to 55-60c. I wonder is it normal or kind of high?
I re-seated cpu cooler fan & reset bios couple times, but i did not change anything.
What's the right temperature for I7 without overclocking?

I7 920
Asus P6t deluxe v2 (using its thermal pastes)
Cooler master V8
XFX H4850 video card
6 gig dominator 12800
Antec 1200
Antec 750w
window xp 32 bit

Could someone tell me what's wrong with my machine?
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  1. Is the CPU cooler warm to the touch after the machine has been under load for a while? If so, then it's probably got a decent thermal connection to the CPU and your problem is more likely to be insufficient airflow through the case. Do you have any case fans other than the one in the power supply?
  2. On stock cooler no OC mine idle's around 37-40c, under full load never goes above 60c, might be the termalpaste your using.

    60c Isn't paticulary hot... when you go to 65+ then you should start to be worried...
  3. You should worry about load temperatures.
    Run Prime95 and check the temperature.
    You should not go over 67ºC.

  4. I have not loaded anything on my computer yet. Just wonder is there something to be removed on heat pipe of Asus p6t deluxe v2? Something block the heat from CPU to outside. Anyway, the temp inside the case is 12c, nothing inside the case is warm except heat pipe
  5. Are you talking about the heat pipe on the motherboard or the heat pipe on the CPU heatsink? Neither should have anything on them that needs to be removed...
  6. The motherboard heat pipe. Anyway i just loaded a game and played for 2 min and temperature went up to 65c. I was afraid it could go up more, so I stopped it. Is it possible the motherboard caused overheat? I have few days left to return the motherboard. I need your opinions asap.
  7. In your first post you were concerned about CPU temperatures - which are you worried about the CPU or the motherboard? And are the temperatures you're quoting CPU temperatures or chipset temperatures?

    It rather sounds to me like you don't have enough airflow through your case. What type of case fans do you have, where are they, what direction do they blow in, and what speed do you have them set to?
  8. Sorry, I m worry about CPU temp. I have antec 1200 case and I set them to max speed.
  9. You said nothing was warm except the heat pipe on your motherboard? If the CPU cooler isn't warm then it doesn't have a good thermal connection to the CPU. You probably need to remove the cooler, clean off the old thermal paste and be sure that the mating surface of both the CPU and the cooler is clean and free from any debris or finger oils. Then apply new paste, mount the cooler and make sure that the mounting hardware is applying strong pressure to clamp the cooler down onto the CPU.
  10. I just installed cooler master v10 and temperature dropped a little bit. It showw on RealTemp 3.0 43 41 42 39. I wonder is this normal for I7 without overclocking?
  11. this might sound stupid but, have you plugged the fan's into the mobo?
  12. ofcourse i have done all that. Anyway, alot of people say they have I7 idle temp at 25c, but mine is a little bit higher. I really want my CPU temp around 25-30c. Any suggestion?
  13. 25C is nearly room temperature - you're going to be pretty hard pressed to get temperatures that low...
  14. I have a question about CPU voltage. Is it ok if I set my CPU voltage to 1.0v instead leave it auto? Does it affect the CPU operation in the long run? When I set CPU voltage to 1.0v the CPU temp drop from 41 to 32c at IDLE & 53c for prime95.
  15. Adjust your Vcore to 1.10~1.15V. ASUS BIOS is notoriously known for automatically overvolting the CPU.
  16. 1.0 is fine if it's stable. I'd be surprised if it were completely stable at 1.0 though.
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