GTX 470 Overclocking Safety

Right now I have my card overclocked extremely high.

Core Clock 901
Shader Clock 1802
Memory Clock 1800

Im using this through the EVGA tuner. They don't have a watt adjustment? so is it automatic.
And if im running this high can I expect to keep my video card running for a couple of years?
it actually seems like I can oc this card higher but Im afraid to.
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  1. WOW...that OC is quite high....Thats a stable OC? IMO..that card's days are numbered at those clocks..What are your voltages set at?
  2. I have no ambition to burn out my GPU, so I put my stock OCing at 1.050 mV, Core @ 750, Shader @ 1500 & memory @ 1775. With the Zalman aftermarket cooler it is very stable and runs cool--cooler than my CPU with the stock cooler.

    If you're going to OC at such a level I'd suggest an aftermarket cooler and maybe even water cooling.
  3. Whoah you'll certainly lessen the life span of your gpu not unless you try Chesteracorgi advice.
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