I want an Intel MP motherboard with integrated hard disk

Hello friends,

I want to know about motherboards compatible with intel microprocessor(core 2 duo,i7,atom).

End application is real time video processing using OpenCV.
The motherboard must have integrated hard disk(IDE or sata) 40/80/120GB.
(The hard disk must be a part of the board).
Must be Windows XP compatible.
3GB(1x3 or 1x2+1x1) RAM.
6usb and 1 firewire ports.
Small footprint(eg. Mini-itx) is preferred.

Can u give the part-number and/or link to the motherboard.

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  1. I do not think that there is such an animal made,because if either failed you would be snafued,although ,,???, you might be able to get a custom rig built,if you supplied all the parts,and of course you would be liable for all system failures..:)
  2. I was unaware they made motherboards with integrated HDDs.
  3. Wait, is there any motherboard with integrated HDD???
  4. I bought a Davinci Board from TI/Spectrum Digital with this Integrated HDD.
    Here is the link

    This board contains Arm and TI dsp processors. It has 40GB hard disk integrated to it.
    I am looking for a similar one with general purpose microprocessors.
  5. i can't find anything related to mobo with integrated hdd on your link, vinodxx...
    can u just link the picture? please...
    i'm surprise that mobo exist...
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