4870 x2 low fps, how to fix?

Ive got a HIS radeon 4870 x2 with intel i7 920 processor and on games like crysis im getting on average of about 40 fps :/. i Believe all drivers are up to date. what are the main causes?
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  1. Main system specs are - Cpu, intel core i7 920 @2.66ghz, 4870 x2 gpu, 6g dominator ram, asus p6t deluxe mobo, Vista home premium 64bit OS.
  2. 40 fps is good for Crysis. And as stated above tell us your resolution, Monitor(s) if your running 2 this can effect performance as well. How many apps are you running in the back ground? What are your settings for the game? If you have all the eye candy cranked all the way up that will effect performance.

  3. Yeah I get 37FPS Ave on my system playing at 1920x1080, 0xAA , 16xAniso, and everything maxed

    I have Phenom II 940 BE @ 3.515GHz, G.Skill 2x2 4GB RAM @ 1066, Windows Vista 64bit, and HIS 4870 1GB in Crossfire with Saphire HD4870 1GB Vapor-X.

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