Why two?

On YouTube, I saw some people putting two DVD drives in their builds. How come?
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  1. Depends on what your needs are, I guess. If you were ripping a lot of CDs or DVDs then with 2 drives you could get through a bunch of discs twice as fast.
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    Possible reasons:
    1.) Two different drives, 1 blue-ray reader the other a writer for example.
    2.) To burn multiple CD's at the same time.
    3.) Copy directly without having to copy data onto HDD.
    4.) Bought new drive, and didn't bother removing old one. Or more commonly keep old drive because of a certain feature (like dvd-ram or 2x burn speed for OS .iso burning).

    etc. etc.
  3. my personal reason,,

    I play games,, so one CD is always in the drive and never wants to take it out unless it is finished.

    So you need one more to do your other stuffs. :na:
  4. Looks cooler.
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