Which Motherboard Supports Pentium D?

Hello I'm kinda New in the World of Computers..

..I'm just wondering if theres a Motherboard that Supports Pentium D processors nowadays?.. and also Core 2 Duo processors as well so I can upgrade with the same Motherboard in the future?..

..I searched all over the Net and Discovered that lots of Motherboards that supports pentium D is only on DDR1 Slots and AGP..

..Is it possible to have a Motherboard that Can run Intel Pentium D processors also that supports DDR2 RAMs and PCI-E x16 revision 2.0 if possible?..

..If anyone have read this article that knows a Motherboard like this please Tell me the Motherboard model..

Thank You!
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  1. here's the link:


    there's many motherboard that backward compatible with older technology like u mentioned above...
    Just see it for yourself, many choices there.

    I'm sorry that i can't give u more advise, coz it depend on you to choose, man... :)
  2. Thanks for you Reply.. (wa1)

    .. Im Really Noob on choosing motherboards..
    ..even the Site u gave i dont know where to start.. xD
    ..i see many Letters and Numbers Combined Together..

    ..I just want to get your opinion if what mobo u think is more better?.. that can run pentium D processors and also supports other future processors as well..
    ..then also that has a DDR2 Rams Slot and PCI-E x16 (revision 2.0 if there is..) .
  3. uhh.. it's hard for me either...

    Okay, 1st of all, how much your budget??
    List the rest of your system too, like PSU, VGA, etc...
  4. Why bother with a Pentium D? Get a motherboard and an E5xxx or E6xxx
  5. yes, u right apache...
    but if we suggest him a LGA 1156 then he only could use i7 or i5 processor..
    That's why i'm asking how much he would spend his money, if he had enough then we can suggest him a mobo with latest tech.... :)
  6. (Sorry for Late Reply)

    Well I Only Got a Budget of $185 dollars only.. my country is philippines and we used peso.. i guess 1 dollar is equivalent into = 45peso here..
    ..I compute all as I searched the store around in our place.. I saw this Items:

    a 1GB PCI-E Graphic Card which is GeForce 9500GT = $60
    a PSU 500w PowerCooler = $22
    a 1GB DDR2 Ram (maybe 667/800/1066 depends of which mobo i choose) my budget is= $25
    and a Motherboard which my Budget is = $78

    (Note I dont know exactly whats the Value of dollar in peso so i converter (1 Dollar=45peso.)

    ..At the Moment I dont have a Budget to Buy a New processor so i keep on finding a Motherboard that can be supported by Pentium D and other Newly processors so I can upgrade on the future without changing my motherboard.. also a motherboard that supports those things I listed above.. :)

    ..If u guys has any more details to say dont be shy :)

    Thanks again!
  7. if your budget is around $78 for a mobo then i suggest u:






    all micro ATX mobo.

    Don't u have any bigger budget for your PSU? I won't take that PSU if i were u, go for high quality like Corsair, Antec or Silverstone... 500W doesn't mean anything when u look at the price($22??)

    Anyone here can help us?
  8. You need to look for Intel i38 or i48 chipsets with DDR2 support. Both of them has DDR2 and DDR3 type variants. There are also chipsets from nVidia. :hello:
  9. so, karakarga, any specific mobo for GeForce1995?
  10. ..Ok Guys! Thanks for all the Help in the Topic!

    ..I just Decided to Bring my CPU on the Store to see whats the prob.. and I'll just ask what available mobo's they have..
    ..of course i will ask those Mobo types that u gave wa1 :)

    .. Thanks for all the Help this is really a Good Guide! :)
  11. Sorry if i'm not helping at all...

    Okay, good luck to u then, if u got any problems just ask, many people here would happily to help u to solve your problems.... :)
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