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I am thinking of adding a NAS to my wired home network to enable media streaming without having the main PC on, among other things.

Problem: The only room that the NAS can realistically go in is my PC room upstairs (old house with very few electrical outlets, among other things, but there's 1 unused slot on the power bar that my monitor/speakers go through).

I have wired ethernet from router (kitchen) to living room, and from router to PC room, one cable each. The living room one connects to my PS3, the PC room to my PC.

Is there a NAS with ethernet in AND out (or two ethernet ports... not really 100% on the terminology as may be apparent)? I basically want to slot it in between my main PC and the wall socket for the network. I realise I could buy a powered switch, but there's only one spare socket in the room and I don't like the idea of daisy-chaining power strips from one wall socket.

The PC has 2 ethernet ports on the Mobo, but I assume using it as an intermediate would require power on, yes?

Any thoughts, please?
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  1. there was one few years ago. Can't remember the name. Have not seen any lately though
  2. OK, thanks.

    Looks like I'll be adding a network switch and a 6-way or 8-way power bar then.
  3. If you can find a NAS with dual ethernet ports you may be able to set up internet connection sharing (you can do that on your desktop but it would have to be on for the NAS ot have network access). I think you would be better off getting a power strip (or even a UPS) and getting a small switch.

    If you are tech savvy you can buy a 12v switch and use a 12v lead from the NAS's PSU, with some soldering or splicing, so the switch will run off the NAS's PSU.
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