Gpu fan keeps defaulting

i am running an 8600 gts and i have been noticing that the card has been running warmer than i would like (between 70-85 under load).
i started with ntune to adjust the fan settings. i was noticing that whatever speed i would put it at, within a few min it would revert to 30% and then slow down from there. seeing that it woudnt work i downloaded evga precision tool and set the speed higher. again, within a few min it defaults back to 30%. so, i downloaded rivatuner and learned how to make a profile to where the fan speed would increase as the temp rose. it would work for about a min, but as the temp climbed to 70, it would go right back down to 30% and gradually go down. i have uninstalled the previous programs that i was using everytime i tried something new, but to no avail.

I was reading other posts elsewhere that suggested that it might be the driver version, i was using the 185 drivers and after my fan problems i rolled back to the 178 driver, but still no change. so after a long night of dealing with this, i find myself here asking for some help.

if anyone is familiar with this situation or knows of a solution, i would be most appreciative. thanks.
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  1. The temperature is normal.

    80-90º is average
    115º is threshhold
    127º burnout

    Update the video BIOS with one that will change the fan speed based on temp
    You could modify the bios of the card with Nibitor. I wouldn't do it.
  2. how do i update the video bios? and i currently am using rivatuner with my own fan settings. as long as the temp doesnt go above 70 the fan speed wont reduce to 30% as it does when it gets over 70 degrees.
  3. You update the video card bios by executing a file within Windows.
    If your flash goes bad, put in a PCI video card or any other video card and reflash the card.
  4. Another way would be to pull the fan plug from the graphic card and plug into a spare fan header on the motherboard, although the plug may need to be modified if it is too small/large.
  5. yea i dont have an extra plung-in spot for it on my MB. there are however 4 wires for the fan, is it possible that one of these wires could be the problem with the default fan speed problem?
  6. just trying not to let this post die without some finalization.
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