RAM Heatsinks & A Windows 7 Query

i came across this on ebay- http://cgi.ebay.in/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=400077960668&category=42000&sspagename=rvireg:1:1 these are revoltec ram heat sinks.
i plan to buy 2 of these revoltec ram heatsinks for my 1x2 gb ddr 400 transcend sticks.
are these good and worth the investment ?do these actually lower temps other than adding cosmetic looks?

I am planning to run windows 7 64 bit on my current pc--see signature below---should i upgrade to 4gb of ddr400? or stick with 2gb of ram?

does it make sense to upgrade to 4 gb on a s939 platform for windows 7 ultimate?
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  1. More ram the better
  2. hello? any more answers?
  3. the heatsinks are a waste unless you just want the bling

    I tell people not to go 64bit without more than 4 gigs
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