Hard drive Failure?

My Dell Inspiron 6000 laptop has been running slowly for months now. It's constantly reading/writing to the hard drive for 10-20 minutes at a time and during that time I can't do anything. I've done all the virus scanning and spyware detection on it that I could think of and nothing seemed to help.

A couple nights ago I used the windows disk cleanup and checked the "compress old files" option because it said there were 10gb of space that could be saved that way. The hard drive is only 80gb total. The cleanup was taking so long that I left it on overnight and the next morning everything seemed normal so I shut it down.

Well last night I turned on the laptop and I got the blue chkdsk screen saying that it needed to check the drive for consistency. A whole lot of lines appeared about files or segments being unreadable. At least 20 lines saying that. Chkdsk then exits with a "unspecified error." Well, Windows xp doesn't start up after that. It goes to a black screen where I can see and move the mouse for a minute, but then an error box appears and says that the msgina.dll was not found and the user interface can't start. The only option is restart. I restart and the whole process repeats itself.

I used the dell recovery partition pressing F12 when the computer boots up to take a quick look at the system and when I did the hard drive read test, it says there's an 0F00:0244 uncorrectable data error. I only took a quick look and didnt scan anything else since I've been suspecting the hard drive for some time now.

My question is what is the best course of action for me now? The problem only came up after I compressed the old files so maybe if I used the Dell cd to reinstall windows it will work again. But it might also be a bad hard drive. The warranty ran out a couple years back by the way.

I may have to get a new hard drive, but if I do that, will I still be able to reinstall the windows xp that came with the computer?

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    I'd run Crystal Disk Info and check out the results. Post them here if there's a problem.
  2. Sorry, I dont know what that is, and I'm unable to get into windows so I dont think I could run it.
  3. widgetguy_th said:
    Sorry, I dont know what that is, and I'm unable to get into windows so I dont think I could run it.

    here it is:

    You can take the "bad" drive and stick it in a USB enclosure and run the Crystal Disk Info on that machine. It's a free program, tiny, and is handy for almost everyone to have.
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