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I just started looking around how I would build a home server for files.
I came across something call NAS and wonder if you guys think this would fit my needs.
I primarily want to access this storage remotely and from two computers at home. I would like to open and edit files like word, excel and pdf (at least from my home computers) and perhaps store bigger 720p mkv files and move them between computers.
I have a D-Link DIR-600 and wonder if this can be helpful when configuring the network.

Thanks a bunch for any assistance.

EDIT. I have flash the router with dd-wrt firmware.
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  1. I currently use this NAS at my home, and would recommend it to any small business. I threw two WD green 1TB drives in it and configured them in a RAID1.
    It works as advertised, easy to use, great to stream media from, no worries in regards to viruses (Unix/linux based OS), easy web interface, and it has been running for 4 months now without a reboot. Idle it draws 5 watts, load it pulls around 20-30 watts.

    This device and many other stand alone devices would work great for you. I was running a Windows Home Server for data storage/streaming, but viruses kept creeping in. Which is why I resorted to this device.

    Almost so easy a child could use it.

    Hopefully this helps
    Best of luck!
  2. Thank you tkrl26, looks perfect.
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