Trend Micro Anti Virus Disables ALL HTTP But Not HTTPS???

I was wondering if I was the only person out there having this problem. I have noticed getting disconnected every now and then and all I would do is reset the power to my router and cable modem. Yesterday I get an update to Trend Micro and now I can't access any HTTP Sites. I can go to and play World of Warcraft perfectly fine though. I am currently surfing the net w/o any virus protection.

I called my Internet service provider, Comcast, but no help there. They reffered me to Geek Squad. I did a little digging around and saw that someone here had a similar problem about a year ago with AVG. It was patched and he went on his way.

Any input would be helpful. I'm currently using Windows XP with Internet Explorer 8. I'm current with all OS Patches.
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  1. I work on systems and networks. A client an attorney uses Trend Micro. This product shuts off access to the Web. Try something else. TM tends to take a lions share of your computing resources along with its capability to shut you off from the Web. Personally I hate the product. The attorney is wanting to buy new systems. I am going to make sure TM is completely out of the setup. Its a horrible product. Unless someone convices me otherwise my view stands.
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