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New Question. Can I install Windows 7 & programs on a SSD & then install a RAID1 or Raid10 with all my files on 2 HD's in RAID1 or maybe 4 HD's in RAID10 or does the OS need to be within the RAID? Thanks for the HELP!
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  1. so you want OS on an SSD, then a separate RAID array for files/data? Yes you can do that, how depends on the RAID controller you are using.
  2. OK sounds great! Thanks for the answer i was looking for.
    One more question can i run a raid with 2 SSD's & another Raid in the HD's. Meaning that the SSD's would be in raid with the OS & Programs like Raid0 & the HD's would be in raid with files in Raid1 or Raid10.
  3. Theoretically yes. It depends on your raid controller for specifics, and how many drives it will support.
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