Gigabyte H67A-UD3H possible to OC?

I'm trying to overclock in the bios settings with M.I.T., I can change to multiple so the frequence shows 3700 mhz but in windows it still the stock core.
I know H67 is not suitable for overclocking but in the manual they say it's possible.
I got a i5 2500k.
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  1. for better read guide, you can get it :
    - Oc need good Cooler
    - Alway Keep temperature in recommendation
    - Oc must Step by Step
    - See all seting in CPU-Z
    - Test Stability use Prime95 small fft 8hours enough
  2. Thanks. I have some oc experience, my question was more about the H67 chip and it's abilities to overclock.
    It was an misstake in the ordering so they gave me an H67 insted of P67 so perhaps i should send it back.
  3. maybe your mobo have trouble, get mobo with revision B3 !
  4. I suppose it's more related to the H67 chip, earlier i read that it is not possible to overclock with it, but mine has the features for oc but seems as the cpu is not affected by the core settings.
  5. SB could indeed stable overclock with this mobo but it will not last long, after the shut down and reboot it will be hard to boot back again on the original default, the trouble is the chipset will also affect the results of OC
  6. sigh henydiah

    joseph, when using M.I.T and it tells you the frequency has changed what does it say in CPU-Z, also what happens when you apply a load to the processor.

    H67 has some overclocking abilities but extremely limited (I think Max OC= Max Turbo Boost speeds), you would need to get P67 or Z68 for overclocking.
  7. Thanks, i realized that also, will try to change card today.
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