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Managing Partitions

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January 6, 2011 3:39:07 PM

Hi guys, i have a problem. My hard drive is currently divided into 2 partitions : C (where is my OS Installed ( 195 GIGS )), and D (Storage ( about 270 GIGS).So My Hard Drive is about 500 GIGS. This Is my problem:
*I want 2 partitions that will be the size of 50 GIGS each
*And I want the third partitions that will be 400 GIGS
I am running Windows 7 Ultimate x64
*So if anyone can tell me how to do this, or what program to use for this job I will be very grateful. Program doesn't have to be free, just you know.And sorry for my English if anyone have a problem whit it! :) 

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a c 316 G Storage
January 6, 2011 5:27:39 PM

Well, if your system partition has less than 50 GB of data, system, and swap space in it, I have a surprise for you: you can do it with the Windows tools alone. Open the Disk Manager (Control Panel - Administrative Tools - Computer management, then click on Disk Management under Storage).


At the bottom will be graphical representations of your disk(s) and partitions within the disk(s). Right-click on the first partition and choose to shrink it. Take a look at this page:

Now, I don't know if you want a brand-new 50 GB partition after it, carved out of the 195 GB, or you want the 270 GB partition made into another 50 GB. I'll assume the first, it's easier.

After applying the above change, right-click on the 145 GB of freespace between your shrunken 50 GB partition and your 270 GB partition, and create a new partition of 50 GB. No freespace before, 45 GB or so after. Apply this change.

Boot the system and make sure that it still works. If it doesn't, go back to the backup that you started with. But wait - the new partition is D:, and your data has miraculously, and annoyingly, migrated to E:. If you want to fix this, open Disk Management and swap the drive letters. This is annoying: First click on D and assign it X, then click on E and assign it D, then click on X and assign it E. You may or may not have to boot between these assignments to clear the old drive letter's availability. If so, my apologies.

Now you have: 50 GB bootable partition, 50 GB empty partition (install something fun on it later), 95 GB unallocated, 270 GB data partition, and (maybe) about 35 GB unallocated. Right-click on the 270 GB data partition (now hardcoded to D:)  and choose to expand it. Use all the freespace both before and after it.

Edit - that's odd. I wrote "now hardcoded to d:" in parentheses. It interpreted the : and end-paren as a smiley. A bit of a surprise to me when I saw it.


EASEUS partition manager is free and works under Windows 7. It presents a somewhat easier to understand graphical interface for doing all of these operations. If you use it instead of Windows' built-in disk management, keep in mind that the change is only queued when you put it in, then you have to press a button to apply the queued changes.

Let us know how it comes out.
January 6, 2011 7:36:03 PM

Thank you I will let you to know if this works! One more time thank you
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a c 316 G Storage
January 6, 2011 7:41:27 PM

That's two "you're welcomes," but let's wait and see if my pontification did you any good.
August 17, 2011 7:14:18 AM

Hey, a lot of softwares can do one-click merge and split partition work.
Like partition wizard and partition master.
But I prefer EASEUS PARTITION MASTER more than PARTITION WIZARD, for it is much more stable and safer as my own experience.
Here is the link for more information of one-click create and split disk feature:
Hope I can help!