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Hello all,

i am new when it comes to overclocking, but i have managed a 3.5ghz stable o/c with my i7 920 and now i was thinking on o/cing my graphics card a little.I own an asus gtx 295, the regular version not the TOP one(top comes with a 10% OC by default and a lil different cooling)i was wondering if it would be safe to give it a +10% OC for 24/7 use without affecting its longevity.I should mention that my case has pretty good airflow and that the card idles at 43-44c* and can reach 70-75c on really demanding games.

I have already installed NVIDIA System Tools, i would go for riva tuner but i hear that the project has been discontinued and is as of now 'outdated'.So, when i say a 10% OC should i just grab my calculator and give Graphics Clock, Memory Clock and processor clock a raw 10%?will result in:

Graphics clock: 576 +10% = 633
Memory clock: 1008 +10% = 1108
Processor clock: 1242 +10% = 1366

Haven't tried these numbers yet, but it sounds about right.. provided that OCing a graphics card is 'that' simple.

Nvidia tools looks ok, but i find the options kinda limited/consufing... i tried adding some policies regarding the fan control(wanted it to run at 30% when idle)so i added 'when temp is lower than XX > run at 30%' and then 'when temp is higher than XX run at automatic' it does lower to 30% when idle but when i launch a game and the temps rise - the fan stays on manual & 30%.

Another minor question would be: is it wise to totally downclock the GPU when the PC is idling?In order to save power and/or extend the life of me poor card. :")

That will be all, too many questions - hopefully someone will read all this and give me a hand. :)
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  1. Modern GPU's downclock themselves to save power. I down clock my Laptops GPU when not under load.

    I still use RivaTuner myself (no problems) but you may want to try MSI Afterburner, which also gives you fan speed control.

    It sounds like the nvidia control panel is buggie and the switch to automatic doesnt work when the Manual fan speed is set. Again you can set fan speed profiles in RivaTuner and MSI Afterburner.
  2. A little update regarding the program.

    I uninstalled system tools after all, what a crappy program it was.. :( but i found out about EVGA Precision, which is also made by Unwinder(rivatuner & afterburner creator)it is by far the most user friendly program i've used and it doesn't lock out non-EVGA cards.

    So my only question that remains about my 295 is wether or not a 10% OC is 'safe', and if it should be done like i said.. which is adding +10% on each value.
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