XFX 9800GT Prob

My card as you can see is the 512MB version

I'm wondering what the normal idle temp of thing is

Mine's idling at like 62C -> 67C

Loads at 92C+

Need some help

Added new thermal paste. Cooler master's HTK-002

My internal airflow is excellent

I got 2 80mm fans(2000RPM) stuck together as an intake for my CPU

I got 1 92mm fan(2500RPM) on my PCI brackets in reverse flow where the air at the bottom section of the case vents through the front

The front fan is a 120mm(2500RPM) in reverse flow

I have a similar 92mm fan for the rear fan

please help
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  1. 80-90º is average
    115º is threshhold
    127º burnout

    Remove the dust from the fan.
    Regulate the fan with Rivatuner.
  2. the gfx fan is 100%
  3. i don't think there's dust either
    full copper heatsink
  4. Check XFX for a bios update.
  5. can u gimme a link?
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