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I've got a pc that just started locking up at start-up. This problem appeared suddenly. After I turn on the pc and the system beeps, the monitor begins displaying information about the processor, etc. (This is also the screen with the information about what keys to hit to enter the bios, etc.). Right after the processor information displays, the pc locks up. I can't enter the bios or any of the other options. I tried using another keyboard thinking that somehow mine quit working, but I got the same results with the other. Does anyone have suggestions on how to troubleshoot this? I also tried turning on the pc with the OS disk in the CD drive, just to see if it could be accessed, but nothing happened. Any information would be appreciated
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  1. Not having actually examined the machine myself, I can only speculate, and I can not offer any guarantees.

    Troubleshooting a PC can be a long and and involved process, sometimes, But certain pieces information can help to narrow down the list of causes.
    1. It's powering up. Power supply appears functional
    2. The monitor displays information - Video card/local bus/cpu appear functional
    3. It beeps. a single beep is typical of what is called a POST beep (power of self test) this is good.
    it means memory appears functional, bios appears functional, no major problems with Motherboard. Multiple beeps typically mean a major fault. This varies with manufacturer.

    You seem to indicate that the system is going into a hard lock. This might be caused by: Faulty IDE controller, faulty expansion card, CPU overheating (due to loss of thermal compound or failed/loose heatsink), severe I/O or DMA overlap, deeply flawed memory, Faulted Harddrive. I've encountered this problem on several occasions with bad network cards/chipsets.

    What you do next depends on you. If you don't know what your doing, and it sounds like you might not, then I would seriously recommend taking it to a service center or computer professional, who will dissassemble the machine to diagnose the problem.

    good luck,
  2. Realy tough one with lack of details.
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