Computer Not Booting, Looping Restarts

Hello Everyone. I Made a computer about a year ago. The Specs are E8400, EP45-UD3R Gigabyte motherboard, 4 GB DDR2 800 RAM. So here is the problem. The computer worked fine without any problems. I Recently put the computer in a public storage building for 2 months during my move. So the computer was in a storage facility for about 2 months. Now I Recently pulled it out of storage and bought it back to my house. The only parts removed from the PC was my Hard Drive + RAM. I Brought my pc back into my room, Plugged it in, put in my RAM and my HDD. Then the problems started.........The PC seems to go into a infinite loop and not boot up. So here is exactly what happens. I Press the Power Button and the PC turns on. It doesnt even get to the BIOS Screen, The screen is blank and about 1/2 a second later it power cycles like it normally does and then it restarts. Normally i would get a BIOS screen now and windows would start. Well it doesnt. It Keeps Randomly Restarting 1-2 seconds after the motherboard lights turn on, it seems to turn off and then try to boot back up, I Checked for any wires short circuiting. So the motherboard lights turn on and then it restarts...and restarts again...and again and again. About 1 second after the lights come on.. The Monitor stays in standby and i dont even get a POST Screen. I cant get into the BIOS. Iv tried the following solutions. Taking out the RAM, Taking out the Video card, Taking out the hard drive, Taking out all unnecessary parts. Heck i even ran the motherboard without the case on a book with NOTHING CONNECTED TO IT Besides the CPU and PSU AND Still this looping restart.....My Guess The motherboard has gone bad from irregular temperatures in the storage facility or some other sort of damage. Im very puzzled and frustrated, and i really wish i could get this rig working again. Please suggestion/Help would be very appreciated. Oh And i also Reset the CMOS And took out the battery. Same thing!!

Again Specs:

4GB DDR2 800 RAM
GA-EP45-UD3R Mobo
9800GT Video card.

thanks in advance!
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  1. sounds like a problem i had:

    it wouldnt post anything at all, even tho everything is working, cpu fan, gpu fan, psu fan, SB_PWR light is green, i even took out everything 1 by 1 till i left just cpu, cpu fan and psu. And it still wouldnt even beep anyhting as it should since something is missing. I took my PC to repair shop and they said my motherboard is dead. Im prety sure same is to you
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