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Hey guys, I recently bought a OCZ Vertex 2 180gb ssd. After trouble formatting and cloning my old hdd to it, I wiped it clean and did a clean instal. I got a little bootup boost but I wasn't impressed. I downloaded some firmware and changed to AHCI (instead of IDE)then I installed and played some games. I wasn't impressed again. My old HDD benchmarked at about 100/mbps while the ssd ranks around 120-140/mbps. I know I must be doing something wrong. I disabled all visual and audio hogs and the only things check marked on "ssd tweaker" a "disable large system cache" and "windows vista indexing service".

I have 4 gbs of ram, ASUS M4a77td mobo, and AMD Athlon II x3 435 Processor running at 2.90GHz

could it just be that my cpu is old?
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  1. Hi Jamleach and welcome to Tom's forum.

    All SSDs needs TRIM to don't get a lot of garbage, while Windows 7 comes with TRIM and it's enable when you install the OS on to a SSD, Vista doesn't do that. You need look in Google how to enable TRIM on Vista, or change to Windows 7.

    That's your problem, gargabe in your SSD.
  2. Even properly configured Vertex2s can slow down to 100MB/sec when writing incompressible data like video files.
    Read speed should keep up to the advertised value though.
  3. I was having some issues with my SSD on my M4A785TM-M Evo motherboard, ended up buying a Highpoint 620 controller, so I could use MSACHI (ie TRIM) Even so TRIM wont effect read speed. Are you using a SATA 2 cable (300MB/s cable) not a SATA 1 (150MB/s cable). Have you tried a different SATA port. Some motherboard share SATA port bandwidth with different devices. Also what are you using to test. I would recommend HD Tach (would need to run in compability mode), HD Tune, ASSD, or Crystal Disk Mark.
  4. SATA cables are SATA cables.
  5. Fine.

    I had tested my SSD with the same cable in SATA 3Gbs/ and SATA 6Gb/s and the results change due to the port not to the cable.
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    I have the same ssd with windows7 installed,I had similar problems,benchmark results were not too good.ocz told me to use ATTO disk benchmark and sure enough the results were much better,you definately need trim though!Also its not the best idea to always be running tests on a ssd apparently,I dont think your results have anything to do with your cpu.Ocz's advertised read and write speeds are based on intel components.
  7. I doubt its the OS or Trim, I'm running Windows 7 and even did the cmd check for Trim, I'm also using SATA/3Gb cables, I'll try a different port. Also, my test results are based off of "As SSD Benchmark"

    JackNaylorPE - "I have been noting with the last 6 or 7 builds I.ce done asus ships two sets of SATA cables"

    my motherboard came with two, both Sata/3Gb both identical-black
  8. I just switched my ssd to SATA 1 port and old Western Digital 7200rpm HDD to SATA 5 port and benchmarked them: ssd slightly slowed down and WD stayed the same, I don't know what's going on, I'll trying benchmarking with ATTO disk benchmark
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