Odd RAM reporting, may be nothing.

Well I've got 8GB G-Skill ripjaws DDR3 1600 and I ran 3Dmark this morning, when looking through my 3Dmark results I noticed that it reports my RAM is 667Mhz which is wrong... right?

I haven't done anything manually to my RAM settings in BIOS, I have an ASUS P8P67 Deluxe motherboard and I let it automatically overclock my i7-2600K to 4.6Ghz. Is there something wrong with my RAM?
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    Probably not, most DDR3 RAM is 1333 MHz (you double the 667MHz reading you have). G. Skill says your RAM will run successfully at 1600MHz, but you will likely have to make manual adjustments in the BIOS to exceed the default 1333MHz.

    To achieve higher speed, e.g. 1600MHz, you use either the RAM's XMP profile if it is available in your motherboard's BIOS settings, or you manually set the speed, voltage, and latencies in your BIOS, using the settings on the RAM's labels.
  2. agree with the words of @ treefrog, if you want higher with 1600 RAM and you have to do manually Oc via Bios.
    please note that the AM3 mobo to default only Ram 1333 and 1600 will be written if the OC or 1600 (OC), even if you have the RAM 2000 will still be legible 1333 (667) if you do not change it manually in bios
  3. Thanks! I will try the XMP profile when I get home today and maybe the manual OC if it doesn't work. I'll mark treefrog as best answer if it works out okay
  4. after turning on XMP the RAM reads 832Mhz in CPU-Z, do i double this number?
  5. Yes in cpu-z read @ram actually x2 , you get over 1600 , if use dual ram
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