Will a 4670 run WoW maxed out at 1440x900?

Well my friend was thinking about upgrading his GPU. I have the 4850 but he cannot afford it, but would the 4670 run WoW maxed out at 1440x900?
Going to be running a Pentium Dual Core E5200 with 4GB 800 MHZ RAM.
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  1. how much is the 4670 your looking at?
  2. 60$
  3. well i dunno because, i personally dont play WoW but i've been hearing that even real good cards struggle during battles between a lot of players and lots of effects and what not. I still think you can do it tho and if its a problem, dont worry about it.
  4. I mean it will.. but honestly, save your money 50 more bucks and you can find a 4850 thats gonna preform alot better.
  5. I play wow maxed with the 4670 its plenty unless he wants to play crysis maxxed or something.
  6. from my experience running WoW on a similar system and the exact same resolution, I had the following FPS
    50-60 FPS in azeroth and BC
    45 FPS in northrend
    20-35 FPS in raids and major cities

    I had everything maxed out except shadows which I set to medium. Shadows in WoW really tax the GPU on the highest setting and there's no visual benefit to maxing them out.

    I played on an athlon x2 6000, 9600GT, 2GB ram, 1440 x 900 res
  7. I can't imagine that it wouldn't. If your PSU can take it though you may as well spend a few more bucks to go with the 4830 or a 4770. Anyway the 4670 should be more than enough for good ol WOW.
  8. Original wow or expansion wow? Original wow will probably be fine, expansion wow is pushing it during raids. I also doubt you'd be able to max everything out, as CT mentioned some of those settings are trouble for lower end hardware. Keep in mind the 9600GT is a better card then the 4670.
  9. Should be able to run it just fine. although i wouldn't say turn up the aa and af to Qx16
  10. I personally have never played WoW and I have no clue, this is for my friend but most of you say a 4670 is just not gonna cut it?
  11. the 4670 will cut it as long as the shadow level isnot maxed out
  12. ^ I agree with ct1615. His experience in WoW pretty matches mine with several different systems. He won't be MAXED out, but he will get very good performance everywhere but the massive PvP battles in Wintergrasp. Set to "custom", settings to shadows on medium or a bit lower. Other settings either max or down a bit, adjust settings till he's satisfied with fps/visuals, he should be pretty happy with the HD4670. He could get better cards, but he'd start running into +cost or +power issues.
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