Strange temp outcome

Ok first my system; MSI 870A-G54 mainboard AMD Phenom II 955 BE 8GB ripjaws 1333 ddr3 evga GTS 450 Corsair CX600 PSU and Apevia X-cruiser case with 3x 80mm intake fans 1x 80mm exhaust and 1x 120mm exhaust, stock cpu cooler for now <have a CM TX3 rdy to install just waiting on some thermal paste>

System is new but case is old, I had only 2x 80mm exhaust fans to begin with but was hitting 59c on OCCT cpu test so I added the new fans and brought that number down to 55-57c was told that was still high and advised to manually set cpu voltage to 1.325 instead of the auto setting of 1.4, still ran 55-57c under full load so I planned on installing the TX3 before any serious OC'ing but being as I had never OC'd before I decided to test a bit to see what kind of temps I was going to be dealing with.

This is where it gets weird, I bumped the multiplier from x16 to x16.5 and the bus from 200 to 213 which game me a 3514.5 cpu freq and saved and booted, up and running CPU-Z, Coretemp and OCCT all verify cpu at 3514.5 so I run the CPU OCCT test and after the hour my max temp was 57c but it only spiked that a couple times the rest of the time it ran 54-56c actually cooler than it did stock, it doesnt seem right to me for the temp to run the same if not cooler at 3.5 than it did at 3.2?

should I bump a bit more? leave it where its at untill I get the TX3 installed? or drop it back to stock untill I get the TX3 installed?
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  1. Prime95 ran for 1 hour no errors reported max temp 58c
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