HDD Enclosure Problem.. Can't access/missing files

I just purchased a HDD enclosure for my computer, SATA/IDE compatible to eSATA/USB interface.

I was able to get to some of the files no problem, mainly inconsequential system files and things like that.
When flipping through things like my old Desktop and User folders I would be forced to take control of every folder/file (EVERY SINGLE ONE) and subfolders would not be accessed with I did this. Attempted it through the Drive (F:\) itself and through subsequent subfolers yet I would still have to do it every folder I clicked on. It never granted me full rights.

What I'm mainly upset about is my inability to retrieve photos and such out of my Downloads, Desktop, etc. etc... I pulled a few pictures out of an ICQ folder no problem but the rest of the drive is missing (picture thumbnails are just a small red circle with a white outline/ X in the middle) and I'm getting a message along the lines of The File Is Missing or similar for different formats.

Now.. taking over the drive in all the ways I could figure out from google search and searching on here didn't really work. Is there any way to reconstruct this or is formatting the drive clean my only option now?
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  1. If you have a modern OS, you can try this

    its a registry edit. But its safe

    i don't think there is anything like this for WinXP
  2. As I stated taking ownershipdidn't work.. and I'm running Windows Vista Home Premium
  3. Anyone have any idea why the files might be "missing"? Still haven't been able to figure out how to get stuff out of my User/Desktop area from the old machine.

    Also hoping there's a way I can prevent this from happening with the CURRENT HDD I have in my machine when I upgrade to my next box
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