HD 4850 artifacts and crashing

Hey everyone,

I recently bought a Sapphire HD 4850 HDMI dual-slot graphics card. Unfortunately, it's running on a rather poor north bridge/mobo, but I have updated the PSU to a strong BFG LS-550 550W.

Everything's running fine, and games play very well, with low temperatures. My issue is artifacts (on desktop, and during games) and vga failures ? (the screen turns black, monitor light goes off - happens during WinXP startup usually).

There is also a random ati2dvag.dll error randomly, for all games.

I've tried older drivers, underclocking, and even a Windows XP reinstall. Any other ideas? Is it possible that the vga isn't seated properly - because I had a lot of difficulty getting the old one out and the new one in .. Thanks, I appreciate any thoughts.
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  1. I think you have a bad video card that needs replacement.
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