Backplane on a Tyan S7025

Okay, so I want to add a number of PCI slots to my tyan s7025 mobo. I did some reading, and found out that this could be accomplished with a backplane. But I dont know what that is, or how that works.

I have a number of questions, so here it goes:
How does a backplane connect to the mobo?
Does my mobo have that connection?
If so, how much of a speed reduction is seen between the pci slots on the mobo, and the ones on the backplane?
If not, is there any other way to add about 4 pci slots to a mobo?

Thanks for your help.
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  1. I found one vender (Compsource) that lists 2 Tyan backplane model numbers on backorder. I would contact Tyan directly to see if they still manufacturer them and if they will fit your board. The Tyan part numbers are M1212 and CPCA-0040. Perhaps you could find newer cards that work with pci-e slots. I did find one photo of a backplane fixture with it's own power supply and extra pci-slots, but I don't know how to post it's link and it was designed for asus boards.
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