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Hello all,
I was looking to upgrade the processor in my Gateway computer, which has an Intel 945GC chipset on the mobo. Looking at the compatibility chart on the Intel website, it takes Socket 775 processors, and specifically has the E6700 Core 2 Duo as the fastest one. However, it is almost impossible to find that now and in fact, there are other Socket 775 processors that are faster and far cheaper more recently. Would my mobo be able to take one of those? And if so, why is it not listed as compatible on the Intel website? Which is the fastest processor I could get away with (within a <$150 price range)? thanks to everyone!

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  1. No. That chipset is the oldest one that takes some core2 duos. Some manufacturers didn't bother updating the bios, and some boards may only run with old smithfield p4's. The newer .45 wolfdale's won't run on this board. It would be easy to change out the motherboard, but your windows copy may only work with a gateway bios. That's what I found out too late with my hp board. If your backplate is removable, you can easily determine if the board is a standard micro-atx; a g31 board should fit, but you may need a new windows license. Microsoft has a way now of checking the coa number against the media disk. My old hp backup vista dvd's wouldn't work on a similar msi g31 board that lacked the hp bios code.
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