Nvidia CSAA "Enchance Application Settings"

To use CSAA specified in the control panel, does it matter what in game setting for AA I use?

For example, if the game has 2x 4x 8x AA (msaa) and I want to enhance it with the control panel option at 16x CSAA, does it matter if I tick 2x, 4x or 8x in the game's CP? Will that affect IQ/performance?
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  1. http://lmgtfy.com/?q=nvidia+control+panel+antialiasing&l=1

    Antialiasing - Mode:
    This setting determines how Antialiasing (as described in the setting further below) is applied. If 'Application Controlled' is selected, each game can use its own independent Antialiasing sample rate as set using the in-game settings - this is the recommended setting. If you want the absolute fastest performance, you can force Antialiasing Off for all games regardless of their in-game settings. If you have a GeForce 8 series or newer graphics card, you can select whether to 'Enhance the Application Setting', namely to first set a level of AA in a game using the in-game settings, then to select this option and set a higher level of Coverage Sample Antialiasing to add to that AA already used in the game. Finally, you can simply force a specific sample rate of Antialiasing (as specificed in the 'Antialiasing - Setting' option below), regardless of the game's in-game settings, by selecting 'Override any application setting'. I recommend selecting 'Application Controlled' here for most people, and then if you want to apply forced AA to a specific game which has no in-game AA settings, use a game profile (see further below) to do so.
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