Question Regarding The Installation Of A Corsair H50

I am building by first computer from scratch in the next few days and I am still deciding on a CPU cooler.

For the longest time, I was dead set on the Cooler Master Hyper 212, but I didn't like the large amount of uncertainty associated with it and a first time build (not fitting in case, weird place to attach thermal paste etc.)

When I saw the Corsair H50 on sale in Canada for $50, I started researching it and I was really impressed. It seems quieter (a plus for me), smaller and easier to install for a first time build and I am willing to pay the extra $20 for that alone.

But, my question has to do with thermal paste.

It says it has thermal paste already attached to the cooler ready to go. If I am doing a completely new build from scratch with an Intel 2600k CPU (not used before), do I need to to apply any more paste, such as on the CPU? Or can I just use the stock stuff and make it easy?

I don't plan on doing any hardcore overclocking right away.
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  1. If it has the thermal paste pre-applied, then no, you don't need any more. I really don't like pre-applied gunk, so I simply remove any with rubbing alcohol and paper towels and apply whatever I choose.

    Not a fan of the H50; the H70 is better, but both are overpriced for the performance. If you have limited space, I can understand the choice, but there are decent performing low-profile coolers as well.

    FrostyTech's Heatsink low-profile review
    FrostyTech's Heatsink review

    They might be a tad outdated, but still a decent place to start looking if you aren't totally set just yet.

    Just depends on your budget and what you are looking for.
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