How much wattage do I need?

I have already purchased an Asus M4A78 Plus Motherboard, along with an AMD Phenom II X4 955, and Radeon HD 4850. I am going to purchase OCZ ram and pplan on overclocking my computer. The question is how much wattage do I need?

I have been looking at the Corsair 650 watts is it too much or overkill since I am on a budget.

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  1. Nope, it allows for a small upgrade or 2, good choice
  2. thanks jay
  3. Youre welcome. Too many times its the other wya around, where people want to skimp on their psu, and that spells trouble down the road.
    Nope, always get a lil more than you think you need in a psu, as it allows for upgrades, and, if you keep it for awhile, its ages, and its perf goes down, as the caps eage etc
  4. A high quality 550 watt power supply such as the Corsair 550VX can easily handle any single video card and overclocking. Typically it is a 750 watt psu and a single video card configuration that is overkill. Since you're looking at 650 watt psu you're kind of in between.

    I was just over at checking out Corsair power supplies. Newegg is currently offering free shipping on both models. There are mail-in rebates too. Not counting the rebates the current prices are $89.99 for the 550 and $99.99 for the 650. A difference of $10.00 ($20.00 difference after mail-in-rebates) tempts me to say go for the 650.

    I do understand about being on a budget and you do have alternatives. A very good choice would the the Antec Earthwatts EA 500 power supply, currently available at Newegg for $69.99 and shipping is free:

    The Earthwatts 500 has earned favorable technical reviews. The unit is actually made by Seasonic for Antec and is capable of delivering 577 watts of power. Here's a link to one of the technical reviews:

    I just checked several video card power consumption references that I have bookmarked. The principle reference is a video power consumption article published last January right here at Tom's hardware. A single ATI Radeon HD 4850 video card uses about 110 watts and a little over 9 amps at full load. That's not very much power.
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