Swapping partitions to new HDDs

I just got another HDD because I want to setup RAID on my main one to keep it backed up all the time.

Right now I have 3 HDDs, and now I am adding a 4th HDD. I want to know if I can simply copy all the contents of a partition into another partition on a different HDD and then swap the drive letters without any issues.

For example, I have a partition (P) on HDD1, I want to move that whole partition to HDD2's parition (X). So I create a partition on HDD2 with at least the same size, then do a simple Select All inside the P: drive and a Paste into my X: drive. Then change my X drive to be called P.

Will this work? I have installed programs in this "P" drive, not just random files, so there are dependencies.

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  1. You could use Clonezilla (just google it) to make an exact copy of the target HDD and do everything you just described. Free and pretty much a no brainer to use.

    Good luck!
  2. Thanks, glad I got a nod on Clonezilla because I actually downloaded it and was thinking of trying it out.

    Is there a way to be able to copy a system partition, or is that out of the question? I guess maybe if I boot to clonezilla, I should be able to? Say I want to move my C drive to a new HDD. I was just confused how my system would know to call this new partition with windows on it as C? Or would Windows always say that it is on C?
  3. The advanced options of Clonezilla will do all that you are asking about and more.
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