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I have a new system built in an Antec 300. I am wondering if there is any simple way to have a 120mm PWM side panel case fan vary its speed based on the temp of my HD6870. From what I understand, it is easy to control the fan speed based on the cpu temp, but what about the gpu temp? I have a free sysfan header on my mobo for this purpose.
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  1. you can do this with a add on fan controller if your card dose not have the software for fan control is your card overclocked i ask because i wondering where the extra heat is coming from the 300 is a great case and it has room for 3 120mm fans and 1 140mm fan with out the one on the side but to answer your question ( you should have listed your board ) if it is an ASUS board then some of them come with software to control fans i am sure you can download it for free otherwise use a fan controller and great fans great fans make all the difference in the world all my fans have an top rpm speed of 1900 and when i game since my gpu and cpu are oc'd i turn those fans up!!!!!!!!!!
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