Faulty Secondary Drive?

Hi all - hope you can help with this one.

Setup: Win 7 64 Pro, 2 Seagate Barra Drives (not RAID - just SATA port 1 and 2), DVD Player, External FreeAgent

Primary used for Windows and system files
Secondary used for storage and games
External for backups

No partitions

Turned my PC on today and got the message 'unable to find bootable media' etc..

Went into the BIOS (which took ages to load) and no hard drives were visible or selectable. Disconnected everthing except the Primary and was able to boot. Tried reconnecting the Secondary drive - same problem, no drives found.

Have now got all working again apart from the Secondary drive. Have also tried the secondary drive in the SATA 3 port on the motherboard. Again, no drives show up.

Any suggestions? Faulty board (P5W DH Deluxe) or faulty drive?

Just in the process of doing a full backup of the Primary again just in case!

Is it worth trying the Secondary in Port 1, even though it's not a bootable drive, may be worth seeing if the BIOS finds it? Not sure if this will cause any problems and confuse things though!

Oh, and what about trying the RAID ports - or will that seriously **** my drives up??

Lol, just thought. I moved my Steam folder to the Secondary drive a few weeks ago and haven't yet backed it up. That's several billion gigs of downloads ahead of me if not recoverable!
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  1. Try it in a different PC, or get a IDE to USB converter (there is a port for SATA also). Turn the PC on, after it boots all the way up connect it via USB.

    If it works in USB/different PC, it probably is the Mombo. No success in a different PC/IDE to usb converter, the drive is a paper weight.
  2. Thanks, some shopping to do tomorrow!

    Good news - it's an excuse to upgrade :)

    btw: I've tried the drive in SATA 1 with a new cable and no joy... I think you're right about the paperweight. I'll get a SATA/USB connector anyway as you never know..
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