Pc has no response on screen after instlaling neew PSU and GPU

I need help with this one. I don't know if its the monitor or what!. I think i plugged everything to the right slot. When ever turn my computer on, all 3 fans run [mother board,the one behind the case and the one from the graphics card]. The problem is the LCD monitor just powers then does nothing. It acts like it is not getting any power? It acts like its not being used, the power button just blinks blue light. Any idea what I'm doing wrong?!
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  1. List up the specs.
  2. masterjaw said:
    List up the specs.

    Hello and thanks for replying!

    Here are the system specs


    and the PSU and GPU I bought



  3. I can't view the image. Might be better if you've just list it up.
  4. q6600 @2.40 gighertz,4gb ram,nvidia geforce i630

    um hey i was on this forum previously and there are a few images that might help you help me


    i dont know if this is illegal posting a link i didn't exactly read the fine print thehehe :whistle:
  5. hey there, have you got the speaker cable plugged in? if so are you getting bios beeps? look into your motherboards manual to tell what each beep means, if they are not in there you should find them online, try disconnecting all non essential components and if you have on board graphics try and run that by disconnecting your graphics card. how many more components do you have running in your pc?
  6. You probably didnt plug in the 4 pin CPU power.
  7. You have a system that used to work before you installed two new components, right?

    Basic rule of troubleshooting (and upgrading) - always change only one component at a time.

    Another basic rule of troubleshooting (and upgrading) - always keep detailed notes.

    Put the original parts back into the computer. Does it still work? If not, troubleshooting the original system. If it does work, add the PSU. Test.

    If it doesn't work, reinstall the original PSU. If the system works, the upgrade PSU is bad.

    If the system works with the new PSU, install the new video card. Test.

    And so forth.

    I have more than 40 years of experience maintaining complex military systems, and that's how I work. It's also how I work on my own systems. Yes, it is tedious. Yes, it is extra work. But I don't forget things either.

    Checklist and troubleshooting hints:
  8. thanks for the reply guys ...i tried installing the old psu but it wont work :| i am sure i plugged every pin to the right slot...the main pin to the big slot.....the 4 pin to the tiny slot in the mother board.....the 6pin to the graphics card....the sata pin to the cd drive and the hard drive...the white plug to the blue wire with the white plug!! the computer boots up but there is no response on the screen...
  9. elmersglue said:
    ... the computer boots up but there is no response on the screen...

    Do you mean that the computer successfully POST's with a single short beep, but then puts nothing on the display? Do you have the new video card or the old one installed?

    If you still have the new card installed, take it out and completely restore the system to its original condition, and start over.
  10. Hey, I plugged the speaker and turned it on together with the old power supply, without the graphics card but there was no sound/beep. All the fans seem to be spinning including the,power supply,mother board and the extra fan on the back of the cpu. There is no response on the screen so I can't even restore.... Also if it helps..I disabled the graphics card on board the mother board through right clicking "My Computer" and picking the graphic card then picking the disable option. After that it went to a small resolution and I shut it down. I did not uninstall the drivers and such. After that I removed the old power supply. I had struggles removing the big cable because it seemed to be glued or something. Then Finally after using plyers to pull it out I replaced it with the new power supply plugged everything. Also If it matters, I plugged the floppy pin to the optical hard drive I think. Then installed the new graphics card to the PCI-E slot. I pressed power button but then there was no response from the LCD screen! Maybe I did something wrong in the process...errrrr

    Hey also, the old power supply has no 6 pin connector for the graphics card: Just putting it out there
  11. Update 1< I disconnected the SATA cables from the cd drive and the hard drive. I got a response from the monitor! there was this symbol _ just repeatedly blinking. I dont know is this a good sign. I only had the blue cable from the LCD and the grey USB plug/ PSU/ and the 2 ram sticks... I am going to try again with the hard drive this time.

    Update 2< Um, I plugged the SATA cable to the harddrive and the monitor showed colored lines.

    Update 3< Yea, I plugged the SATA cable to the optical drive together with the hard drive and the keyboard. It still showed those colored lines.
    What do you think is up? Should I try with the other monitor. My sister has this Dell monitor not an LCD one
  12. Update 4 I installed the new PSU with without the graphics card...I had the cd drive and the hard drive connected to the sata pins and I got the same response. Black screen with those colored lines. Any idea? The num caps and scroll light on the keyboard blinks just before the black screen appears. I am going to wait for your reply guys.

  13. um, yea.... our neighbour got it sorta working......... when you press the power button you see the acer logo... press del to set up + etc... but the keyboard and mouse doesnt seem to be working.....the light goes on when ever i power it up...caps..num and scroll lock..but then after that there is no response .... um??
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