Friends having Wireless Troubles. 1 House, 3 Floors

So my friend and his family have some questions about getting their wireless network to work better as they are having problems. I am thinking that maybe a range extender might work for them or possibly to get a new router with external antennas but am not sure so I figured I would post here to see if you guys can help me out.

Basically, their office is on the main floor, which is where the modem and current router are located. They have a Netgear wpn824 currently, which seems like a decent router. The main problem that I see is that the antennas are internal.

Between the laptops, Xbox 360, and other handheld devices, they get a peak of about 10 devices trying to connect to the wireless at certain points in the day and on weekends. They are usually able to connect to wireless but with all the connections everything slows down a lot and the Xbox 360 becomes unplayable online. The different devices are all on different floors in the house so the signal needs to be strong on all three floors.

What would you all suggest as the best solution to this problem? New router? Maybe moving the router somewhere else? Maybe get a range extender? Please let me know and I look forward to hearing some advice.
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  1. Move the router to the middle floor -- but bear in mind that if it's connected for ADSL internet, using a phone extension socket may reduce speed. Talk to the ISP or phone company about dealing with that.
  2. Yeah, the router is on the middle floor and they have Cox Cable internet. Even with the router on the center floor they have problems connecting when in the basement or the top floor.
  3. You could look at networking over the power wiring using powerline adapters -- Netgear and others make them. They are expensive but people whose homes they work in sound delighted.

    I admit that my own experience of using cheap ones was abysmal -- produced interference on audio gear and was slow. So if you decide to go that way make sure retailer agrees to returns if they don't work for you.

    Personally I'd wire the place with ethernet -- but I don't have to compromise with a wife.
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