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Hello, I have been running World Community Grid 24/7 now for about three weeks. I have been monitoring my cpu temps, and they average 65* C under the current work load. (The ambient air temp is 73*F) The cpu utilization continually fluctuates between 28%-70%-100%. According to World Community Grid, the work load averages out to about 60% continuous load on the cpu. The hard drives are a frosty 35* C, and both video cards are at 42* C. All temps are from CPUID Hardware Monitor and AIDA 64. Before I started running World Community Grid, my temps never exceeded the low 50's even after long continuous gaming sessions. (Call of Duty Black Ops at max settings)

I am currently using a Noctua DH-14 cpu cooler, both fans running at 100% (as a side note I can't here them.). I am using a Cooler Master Storm Sniper Black case. It has 200mm intake fans on the side and front, I added a 120mm intake fan (Noctua NF-P12) on the bottom (facing up), a 200mm exhaust fan on top, and an 120mm exhaust fan on the rear. I have experimented with Noctua's thermal paste and Arctic Silver 5 with no noticeable difference. I also have tried changing the orientation from exhausting to the rear and top. Again, no noticeable difference. Maybe a 1*C cooler difference exhausting to the rear, but then the cooler would prevent me from using taller ram heatsinks. I also reduced my oc to 200x16. That brought the max temp down 2*C. If running the temps in the high 60's isn't really damaging anything, then I am going to increase my oc back to 205*18.

Besides water cooling (which I can't afford), can anyone suggest a way of reducing my cpu temps further? Also, am I dramatically shortening the life of my cpu? System specs in member configuration.
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  1. Hmmm, something is very wrong here. You have a great case with plenty of airflow. Your ambient temps are acceptable. Different pastes yield similar results. You have changed orientation of the heatsink with no discernible change, reducing the OC netted 2° reduction in temperature...
    ....this doesn't make sense unless the paste is thick as molasses or the voltage is way more than is necessary.

    And yes, I would say that your CPU lifespan will be shortened a bit if run this way for too long.
  2. I should have clarified in my original post. The cpu temps I am quoting are the actual core temps. Core 1 and core 3 run about 2* higher than 3 and 4. There is a separate cpu temp listed in AIDA 64 and CPUID Monitor and that is only 36*. Motherboard temp is 55*.

    As far as the paste, I use a drop about the size of a grain of rice, and I use a credit card as a putty knife to spread it on the die and the bottom of the cooler.

    What voltages do you suggest? The only one not on auto is cpu voltage, and I have that set at 1.22 without vdrop.
  3. I changed the way I oc'd and the temp of the cpu under load dropped 10*, and the mb temp dropped 4*. I raised the multiplier to 20 and lowered the frq to 175. I don't understand the relationship between the two as to why the temps dropped, or if it was because of properties of the mb? IDK.
  4. Thank you for the clarification of your reported temperatures.

    Toms has a great article on overclocking memory that you might enjoy reading.

    I think you may find this one on i7-920 Overclocking useful as well.
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