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$1,200 modelling, photoshopping pc

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May 14, 2009 2:32:06 PM


SYSTEM USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: AutoCAD, adobe illustrator and photoshop, rhino and 3dsmax modelling and rendering programs. gaming not "important," but i would like to be able to.

PARTS NOT REQUIRED: i have a mouse and speakers.



OVERCLOCKING: Maybe in the future SLI OR CROSSFIRE: Maybe in the future

this is my first computer build, so i am not an expert by any means.

i want a windowed case to view my handiwork.

i will pay a little extra for parts from reputable companies.

i don't play a lot of games, but i would if i had the power for it.

i am settling on intel chips, because i would like to use the Intel RAID matrix system on my two hard drives.

i have posted before when i was whittling down my computer choices. this is what i think i will get, due to budget restrictions. after a lot of thought and many helpful posting, i decided against an i7 to put more money into the video card and the RAID drives, so please don't try and convince me to go that route.

a previous person suggested a workstation gpu, specifically the $150 ATI 100-505507 FireGL V3600 256MB.
i do a lot of 3d modelling and rendering, which requires real-time panning and zooming and the whole deal. but - i'm also a student, not a professional, and currently i have friends with normal gaming cards that seem more than adequate. plus, i would like to play a game or two, probably an fps. any advice on the gaming vs. workstation card would be helpful.

i'm buying soon, so any help is much appreciated.

here's then build:

Antec 900
$109.00 - free shipping

$100.00 - free shipping

Intel Q9400 Quad
EVGA 896-P3-1260-AR GeForce GTX 260 896MB
$380.00 - free shipping

ASUS P5Q Pro LGA 775 Intel P45 ATX
Patriot Extreme Performance 4GB (2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR2 1066
$168.00 - free shipping

2x Western Digital Cavair Black 640mb 7200 RPM 32MB cache
$75.00 x2 - $150.00


ENCORE ENLWI-N IEEE 802.11b/g, IEEE 802.11n

Vista 64-bit

Asus VW224U 22" black

standard microsoft keyboard
"Microsoft's keyboards and mice have long been a crowning jewel in their crown." thats pretty good!

total: $1,207
(does not include rebates, which i hear can be difficult to redeem)

note: i had a different build with an intel Q9550. downgrading to the Q9400 and using a few combos saved me enough to get to my pre-tax goal of $1,200. i am essentially trading a Q9550 and a Geforce 250 for a Q9400 and a Gefore 260.

thanks for the help!

More about : 200 modelling photoshopping

May 14, 2009 7:12:11 PM

You said maybe to SLI/Crossfire but combined a Crossfire MB with a SLI card. There's no SLI and no Crossfire possible in the future with that combination.

I don't like that GTX 260. It's not even one of the newer generation of GTX 260 cards (with 216 stream processors). It's one of the old generation with 192 processors.

I don't like the Q9400 much either because they crippled it with the 6MB cache. A Q9550 has 12MB, for example.

Can you afford an extra $120? Here's a combo for Q9550+HD 4890:
That would improve both the CPU and the GPU a lot, and you get the Crossfire thing fixed too.

Edit: fixed the link.

May 14, 2009 7:14:35 PM

BTW, you can save $40 with an Antec 300 instead of Antec 900.
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May 20, 2009 4:22:13 AM

thanks for the advice.

i think i'm going to go with the:

SAPPHIRE 100259L Radeon HD 4870 512MB 256-bit GDDR5

and the g-skill RAM you recommended.

however, i still think i am going to go with the Q9400. it combos with the ASUS P5Q Turbo mobo and comes out about $50 less than the Q9550.

i also generally leave out the prices of the rebates when figuring in cause sometimes they are hard to get from the manufacturer. that's just a personal thing.

if upgrading to the 9550 from the 9400 is a significant boost for $50 i might be able to afford it, but as is i am at the top of my budget now. i looked at some performance charts and it looked like the 9400 is in a great spot as far as speed/money goes.