I can't find the sound driver pls help (cl-fm801-s2c)


I looked everywhere on the net- i tried some other drivers i could find for soundcards with the same chipset but no success :(
Can some1 please give me a link or upload the driver for this annoying sound card..

I am very grateful for this (i already spent 6 hours looking for the driver :( )
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  1. If you look up the PCI Hardware ID numbers you can the go HERE and look up the actual manufacturer and see if other drivers are available.

    You'll need the card plugged in to do this.

    To look up and use those numbers, see re-cycled sample...

  2. thanks this is useful ;)
  3. hey masky 007 i have the exact same driver and exact same problem. i wiped my comp from everything even drivers and was wondering if you solved this problem? i used the information that the other guy posted above to find its made by creative so i searched their website with no success. just emailed them and if you solved this issue i would love if you could help me or send me a link, thanks.
  4. Hi Joey

    I solved the problem by getting a driver from www.driverguide.com (register there and you can download drivers) i can't remember the exact driver i downloaded but i think it was something with 801.. try more drivers from driver guide you will find it eventually (i know the one was a setup file that worked - with kinda unusual setup - kinda old interface and the setup.exe file had something red on the icon)
    Wish you the best and please post if you find it with which driver worked for you - i know someone will need it too, i forgot to post :(

    (my problem was one more thing with this sound card- the pci slot for the sound card didn't reckognized the sound card every time so i was very confused at the time :P - not that it's with your case, just pointing out)
  5. Velho ! se vc puder me informar , especificamente o driver que vc baixou para essa placa eu agradeço muito.. pq eu tenho uma igual e nao aguento mais ficar sem som no meu micro .. e ja procurei tudo em qualquer lugar e até mesmo no www.driverguide.com e nao achei nada compativel , me ajude .. abrigado
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