I7 920 on 4GHz


I know, I'm a noob who just overclocked his new i7 920 on 4GHz. Here are my BIOS settings:

QPI Link Speed - x36
Bclk frequency - 200MHz
CPU Vcore - 1.4000v
QPI/VTT - 1.515

I also have V8 Cooler Master. My temps are around 55°C... around 60°C when I'm playing FSX (heavy load). I'm worried....

Aren't these temperatures a bit low for 4GHz? Are these voltages ok? Will this OC noticeably shorten the lifespan of my CPU? Should I lower the speed on 3.8GHz? I just don't want to buy myself new CPU in a year, that's the reason I'm asking this.
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  1. Those temps are WAY low for that voltage. What are you using to monitor them, and what are the temps during a true heavy load test, such as Prime95?
  2. Ok temps look a bit "too" low if you know what I mean? On such high vcore temps should be 85C+

    No but seriously now, at just 1,2 V on a i7 920 d0 I get 75C so that's just too low...
    Get Prime95, and try some other temp measuring programs
  3. Easytune and HWmonitor... they both show the same! I know.. people are talking in range 70-90 when OCed... I can't get it over 61°C... like I said.. I'm worried... the computer is brand new, everything looks ok and is running fine. When thing look too good to be true.. well, we all know...
    Are voltages ok?
    Is there any way to check if these temperatures are true?
  4. What are the idle temps?

    Try checking your temperatures with else like realtemp or coretemp...
  5. Idle around 40°C. Yes, I already checked with realtemp... exactly the same reading.
  6. BTW.. my motherboard is GA-EX58-UD4 and I followed Gigabyte's guide how to OC i7 920 to 4GHz.
  7. o.O Maybe you got a extremely nice chip. Those temps on 1,4 vcore is just amazing.

    Or it could be you got a chip where sensors didn't get placed very well.

    But heck who cares? Try to maybe open the case while computer is running @ full load and touch the heatsink(don't get an eletrical shock though, they are a little bit nasty :P) And tell us how warm you think it is.
  8. I'm not amused...

    I'll post screenshots when I come home.
  9. I'm sorry, my CPU cooler is Scythe scmg-2000 mugen 2. They changed it.
  10. Ok, as I said, I'm a noob.. I ran prime95 last night... on max CPU load I got max temperatures 81/78/77/75 °C. On idle (min temps) is 47 °C. My computer is on for no longer than 8 hours per day. I think these temps are not a problem.. are they?
  11. That sounds good. Just out of curiosity, what does Realtemp show? HWmonitor shows some funny (low) temps on my system, while Realtemp seems accurate. On the other hand, 81 prime sounds a lot more realistic, and within the range of possibility for your overclock (wheras 60 would have been way low). Assuming the temp is accurate, you're definitely fine though.
  12. Cooler Master RC-331-KKN1-GP "Elite 331".

    And yes, HWMonitor and Easytune showed lower temperatures (55-65°C) but Realtemp showed 81/78/77/75 °C during heavy load tests.
  13. Ahh - those were realtemp numbers? You're fine then - it's a bit on the warm side, but all overclocked i7s run warm. Those are about the same temps that mine runs at.
  14. Although I'm also an i7 OC n00b I'd personally try and dial the voltage down a little - a lot of the 3.8-4.2GHz OCs I've seen on cooler reviews, sigs and benches all seem to be around the 1.33-1.38V mark - 1.4V is fine for short burst and benching, but I think it's too high for everyday use.
  15. As I said, I got these setting from Gigabyte's guide how to OC i7 920 on 4GHz. These are my settings:

    QPI Link Speed - x36, Bclk frequency - 200MHz, CPU Vcore - 1.4000v, QPI/VTT - 1.515

    .... I'd be happy with 3.8GHz but on the net there are so many different settings and numbers and some people say is good, others it's bad.. and this was my first OC, so I followed Gigabytes guide since I also have their motherboard. I'm not a moron, I have some knowledge on computers (mostly on the software side, I'm a designer) but this numbers and voltages can be really confusing for someone who has no experience in this field.
  16. The voltage is a bit high, but it's well within the safe range so long as temps are within limits. I wouldn't worry too much.
  17. Damn, hope the one I ordered is comparable. -_-
  18. 1.4 for 4 Ghz?! kinda high...

    mine i at 1.33V for 4 Ghz, and my temps are around 75 C for all 4 cores
  19. I guess temps is the deciding factor, although I have to say, I worry about voltages more than temps my self

    since with the i7, usually no one loads it 100% 24/7 (unless ur folding) and thus, the constant voltage applied to it worries more when it is higher, as it will be always that high no matter what you do unless speedstep kicks in, but I disable mine and I imagine most OCers kill off any kind of power saving for voltage stability reasons.
  20. Gone in two weeks?!

    what are you replacing it with? I5s? I9 ES?

    Duct tape?
  21. O.o

    are ya hoping that I3s are more Ocable with less parts and complexity?

    Why not just try to get one of them magical I7 D0s that can do 5 Ghz on AIR If you can blow that much money lol (I know I would)


    Btw, in the end, that chip was not a end all chip, and under LN2 it only got up to 5.3.

    But 5 Ghz on air is just, !O.o` `o.O!
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