Need new GPU as one of my HD4870 died

howdy guys long time no see, well anyways too the point I recently changed my case and had a little accendent while carrying the PC downstairs (guess) everything seems fine however by runinig memtest seagate tools OCCT and prime. however one of my HD4870 fails OCCT, in crossfire I noticed they all ways got errors but 16k come on, anyways I tried the cards singly and yeah one is defo fualty and it shows under load.

So I going to upgrade my GPUs while i m at it but what should I get ?
my perfered supplier is OCuk as they are the cheapest by far on the GPUs :pt1cable:
I have so far got the
ASUS tri fan X2
XFX HD4890
asus HD4880
GTX295 (the cheapest one)
and a asus GTX285

I m consdering Nvida as well as ATI and i don't want to go above £350-360 as i want crossfire (AMD) or just a single top end Nvida card. I don't want to hear overkill cos its not true its more "wasting" the card :non:

So heres my specs currently
Q9550 @3.8Ghz volts 1.25 with vdrop enabled
X48 rampage formular
ocz REAPERS 4Gb 1066Mhz (900 currnetly as I got no idea how to overclock them :P)
3 seaagte HDDs 2x 250Gb and one 500Gb
now single HD4870 512
SAMSUNG t240 redrose I game at 1920x1080 or even higher with 4x AA thats why a single HD4870 is not enough.
powersupply tagan/abs 1100watt.

i don't care about DX11 as like DX10.1 it never come to nothing, what I do care about is gaming nice and smooth with eye caddies on :bounce:

thanks for your time

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  1. I would recommend going Crossfire using two XFX HD4890.

    2x: XFX ATI Radeon HD 4890 1GB GDDR5 PCI-Express Graphics Card, which includes two free copies of Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X. Your cost would be £319.98 inc VAT (£278.24 ex VAT).
  2. What do you have to loose?:

    The 2X4890 looks sweet though.
  3. LOL

    why would I want to cook the card :ouch: okay its a HD4870 its hardened to heat but damm

    anyway, yeah I m very very tempted by the HD4890 problem is I have HAWX so I don't care about that :P

    I m also tempted by the Nvida cards for around the same price as crossfire HD4890s thats the problem
  4. You could get the GTX285. if you want there , "high end" card. kinda like how ATI's 4890 is "high end" I never saw much improvement. Butthe GTX 285 should be fine but I would recommend SLI'ing to GTX260's as they could potentially out preform a GTX295.
  5. I can't go SLI, I can only go crossfire and there is no point in upgrading mobo RAM and cpu as they cost me enough and they work, well.

    and yes GTX260 overclocked can beat a GTX285 maybe under cases eat a GTX295
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