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How Far Can I overclock my AMD 1100T Thuban on the Stock Cooler?

My Rig :

Gigabyte 890FXA-UD5 Motherboard
AMD Phenom II Thuban 1100T CPU
G.Skill RipJawz RAM @ 1600, 9-9-9-9-24 timing
XFX - XXX edition 650 watt PSU
Cooler Master HAF-932 (3 fans)
BFG 9800 GT (don't laugh lol, I'm getting a MSI GTX 560 Ti when I save the money)
XiFi Soundblaster 5.1
(Side note: I am also using Arctic Silver 5 for the CPU)

I have been itching to overclock my CPU for awhile now, I only have a stock cooler atm, and I AM planning on getting a standalone noob watercooling kit, or a really good air cooler.

So guys, what would be a safe area to overclock using only stock cooling?

If so, what would be some good settings to reach those speeds?
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  1. The highest will get 3.5 - 36 ghz max, and even then must be
    provided ear resistant to noise from cpu fan because
    have smart fan disabled in the bios.
    For safe oc step by step, Just oncrease multiplier up u p test and test. Always keep temperature below 60c. And your fan run over 5000 rpm, that very noisy.
    But better for safe oc use after market cooling, minimal hyper cm 212.
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    Hi and welcome to Tom't forum.

    As henydiah says, 3.6GHz is possible with stock cooler ALWAYS that your temps in load keep below 55ºC, if your temps go above that, reduce the CPU multiplier and wait for the new cooler.

    Regarding the cooler, if you are planning go with H50/H70, save you some money and get a high end air cooler like Thermalright Archon, Thermalright Silver Arrow or Noctua NH-D14.
  3. Thank you guys, from the info I've read. It just wouldn't be worth the performance or the risk.

    I think I should just wait for a Noctua , I've heard so many great things about that specific cooler. I"ll have to read up on the Thermalright Archon and Silver Arrow though.

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