Better Budget Build Case?

I'm looking to get feedback on what people think is the better budget build case. I provide most of my feedback in the New System Build section and general recommend either the CM 690 or Antec 300 for budget / bargain builds. With the introduction of the Antec 200 and Antec 300 Illusion, should these be changed?

Antec 300 versus Antec 200: Which case is the better bargain at this price range?

Cooler Master RC-690 versus Antec 300 Illusion: Which case is the better budget at this price range?

Thanks for your feedback!!
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    I'd say the Antec300 over the Antec200. The Coolermaster 690 over the Antec300 Illusion, for size and features.
    I'd also add some of the new Rosewill cases as low budget, the ones that have 3- 120mm fans and 1-80mm fan. Often available for $40 with free shipping (not this week though) I've used 4 of them now in builds and been happy with them (for the price) the 80mm fan is a bit loud/high pitched.
  2. This might be a case where size matters.

    I took a look at the dimensions of the Antec 200 and 300. The Antec 300 has a bit more interior room. Some people might need the extra room for their components.

    Same comment about the CM690 and Antec 300 Illusion. More room in the 690.
  3. I guess everything stays status quo...

    I will look at the Rosewill case for lower end builds. I normally look at the Cooler Master Elite 332 but the Rosewill looks like a good sub for that case. I haven't really ever looked at Rosewill for cases, since they normally have poor PSU, so I tend to stay away from recommending them.
  4. Here is my current favorite for budget builds

    It is very sturdy, has great cooling, and plenty of bays with a tooless design. My favorite thing is you can buy a little flex hose for about $2 at home depot, attach one end to the side cooling duct, and attach the other end to a stock cpu hsf, and you'll have the same effect as a $60 aftermarket cooler. I also usually add another fan in the front for an intake to get a little more air across the bays and video cards.
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