Intel atom n450 overclock

do any of u know if and how i cab overclock the atom and gma in a emachines em350? i tried through the bios, but there's no overclocking feature in there. :sweat:
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  1. You are almost certainly out of luck. Laptops, particularly netbooks, are not designed - or intended - to be overclocked.
  2. Hi,

    Replace the netbook with more memory.
    Do not try to play games on this laptop.
  3. Hi.

    Agree with jsc, is pretty hard overclock those CPU since you will need disassemble the rig and do some modifications to the mobo and components to be able to get a decent overclock
  4. I just watched a video on youtube, where you download a few simple programs(dont know if they were meant for a netbook). But you run them, then simply select how much you want to overclock the video card aswell as the cpu. it lets you run all kinds of games and helps with laggy videos (if a ram upgrade didnt solve the problem). I dont know anything about it, but im sure if a few vet overclockers watch the video they can let you know whats going on or if its even safe. Anyway heres the video..

    Saint19: when you say decent do you mean good results, or safety? or do those tie together?
  5. N450 Tablet PC
    Processor: Intel 1.66GHz Atom N450
    Display: 10.1 "Resolution 1024 * 600
    Camera: 1.3 million pixels
    Memory: 1G DDR2
    HDD: 160G SATA
    Graphics: Intel GMA 3150 MHD
    Wireless LAN: MSI-6894 (802.11a/b/g)
    Battery: Built-in 3-cell lithium ion battery
    Size: 290x150x20mm
    Weight: 1.2KG (with battery)
    (optional) Multi-touch support 3G Internet access
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