I want to update my Momentus XT firmware to SD24 but it doesn't allow me to cause it's an OEM Drive.

Now I'm almost forced to change my 2 Momentus XT Drives cause they spin down even when I'm working on files on that drive.

You can hear it spin up and down and I'm totally fed up with it.

I called asus support I called seagate support I posted topics on dozen of forums.

Please can someone help me get this damn HDD fixed!

It can spin down any time when I'm not using files on the HDD no problem with that but when I'm working on files etc it can't spin down, you can even see the glitch when I tried to save a word doc on it 5 seconds it took.

When I did the same on my primary HDD it did it instantly.

I payed 1850 euro for this Asus G53JW and this harddisk totally performances good if it's running but the spin downs spoil the whole thing.

Kind regards,
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  2. The fact that it's an OEM drive shouldn't make the slightest difference. How are you trying to update the firmware, and what error message are you getting?
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  4. MaSSaSLaYeR said:

    Your Sata Mode in the 2nd last picture is IDE, although I'm no expert and am thinking of getting the hard drive,
    I think that it's either suppose to be AHCI or Sata......
    I'm not an expert, so I might be wrong or something.
    Anyways, can you tell me opinions towards the Momentus XT?
    Is it good or should I just get a Seagate 500GB 7200RPM Sata3 Hard drive?

  5. Here is the official Seagate Momentus XT SD26 firmware update. SD26 is the latest version of the drive's firmware as of the end of August, 2011.

    Windows version (easiest):

    Bootable iso version:
  6. Your error message is telling you that your drive's individual firmware components do not match the update matrix in the included configuration file.

    Here is the SD25 update matrix:

    Notice that there are 4 entries for SD22 firmware. Your updater rejects your drives because its firmware modules do not match any of these combinations. BTW, C025, CA24, and C030 are servo modules, but I don't know what the others do.


    You can still forcibly update your firmware using a procedure that was posted to Seagate's forums.

    Momentus XT Firmware Update (SD25) [215451]:

    SD25 CD ISO version:
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