Ext. HDD not shown in "My Computer" or "Disk Mgr" only in "Device Mgr"

Last night, my 2TB WD external HDD was working fine. I left it plugged into my primary laptop and put it into standby mode. This morning, when I logged back onto the laptop, the external drive was not listed in My Computer. I'm not sure if there was a short power outage during the night or what...

The "Found New Hardware" wizard finds a drive, but does not assign it a drive letter (and I've got plenty of free letters, so a drive-letter conflict is not the issue, especially as I had previously assigned a particular drive letter to this external drive). The drive shows up in "Device Manager," but only under "Disk Drives" - it is not listed under "Disk Management" at all. :(

When I double-click on the drive under "Disk drives" in Computer Management, and go to the "Volumes" tab, it shows no information. If I click "Populate", it says the disk and type are unknown and that the status is unreadable with a 0 MB capacity.

It is my main backup drive, and recently I had to format and reinstall my netbook due to CTM killing it (the netbook was where most of my primary data was stored), and unfortunately, I had not yet been able to copy any files back from the external HDD to the netbook. So, if I cannot recover this drive, then I've lost a lot of data, most of which is not stored anywhere else right now b/c of the netbook problem. do not have the ability to send the drive off to a professional recovery service b/c I do not live in North America.

I've read a lot of threads here, but it seems that most are related to people who were formatting drives or re-installing Windows and accidentally formatted the external HDD.

Any suggestions as to what to do to get the drive to be properly recognized by Windows? I've tried plugging in the drive on my laptop and netbook, and both show the same behavior...which leads me to think that something happened to the drive overnight. :(
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  1. To add some more information...

    Apparently, the laptop battery ran out during the night, while the laptop was in standby mode with the external HDD plugged in.

    When looking under "System" under "Event Viewer" it lists several warnings after the low battery warning. The first is from disk: "error was detected on device \Device\Harddisk1\D during a paging operation." Followed by a critical battery warning and then another warning from ftdisk "The system failed to flush data to the transaction log. Corruption may occur." These two errors are repeated several times within a few seconds of each other. Then, an information from the Service Control Manager: "The Windows Image Acquisition (WIA) service entered the running state." and then another warning from ftdisk about failure to flush data. The disk errors repeat at the time when I had re-started the computer and re-plugged in the USB cable to the external HDD.

    The disk is set to NOT use disk-caching, so that one does not have to use the safely remove hardware option to unplug it.

    Disk manager shows 3 partitions (earlier, if I remember correctly, there were only 2):
    Volume ___ FAT Healthy (EIAS Configuration) 47 MB capacity 40 MB free
    Volume ___ FAT32 Healthy (unknown Partition) 4.07 GB capacity 402 MB free
    Volume (C: ) NTFS Healthy (System) 51.76 GB capacity 13.44 GB free

    These same drives are visible when the external HDD is NOT connected, so I don't think they have anything to do with the problem.

    If it weren't for having non-backed up data on the external HDD b/c of the netbook re-format, I would be fine with just trying to format it, but as it is, I really don't want to lose the data...
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