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hi how do i put my cd's onto the screen portal
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  1. What do you mean by "screen portal"?
  2. hi
    when i log on,the top right hand corner looks like a turned down corner of a page,as you might a book to mark you place and if you sweep it downwards to the left it opens up a screen portal,on the left side of this are bottons you can touch to bring in music,pictures or videos,on the right is some other things,so by touching the buttons on the screen a portal or door opens on the screen and cd,s or pics or vids depending which button you,ve pressed will appear.
    acer have some of there own on it as samples but i dont know how to put my cd,s or pic,s etc onto this screen.
    hope that makes it a bit clearer,acer dont seem to want to help you on how to use the system only for tach probs or software probs they told me on the phone,and do not give advice on how to use the computer,some support service that is.
  3. I do not own an Acer that has such a thing. I do have an Acer Ferrari 4005, and it does not have that portal. I believe it's a new proprietary interface to access your media, controlled by a program they created for that purpose.
    If that is correct, you might have a chance by looking on their website, under downloads, where you can also find the drivers and utilities. This could be listed under utilities, and over there it could be aa PDF or some other file that has instructions about using it.
    Sorry, I can not do any better . Anyone that knows more about this portal thing on the forum, feel free to jump in.
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