What good agp video card can run on a 475 watt power supply?!

I jus upgraded my pc with a 475 watt psu and i want to go buy a new agp video card.....i currently have an ATI Radeon 9200 video card but was wondering wat AGP card would be the best to buy now!? any suggestions would be great!?
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  1. Well I believe the best card available for an AGP system is the HD3850 but depending on your cpu you may be wasting money for little or no improvement over a slower card. It requires a minimum of 450W PSU with 30A (360W)on the +12v rail(s). So check your new PSU +12v rail. You could also look at in decreasing order a HD4670 AGP, HD 4650 but you would probably do just as well with a 2600XT card and your 475W PSU should handle all those with no problem. I heard a rumor that Powercolor had a HD4770 AGP... I have no idea why since the cpu for nearly all those systems would most likely bottle neck it!
  2. which of those video cards would work with this athena power supply that i have:

  3. Well my guess is you barely have 22-24A available from your +12v rails so max would be the 2600xt I think. That might be pushing it. I am not sure of the HD46xx amperage requirements. I suggest you google that.
  4. Get the new HD4650 AGP graphic card, or if you can wait then Powercolor is releasing a HD4670 AGP card soon. Either would be fine with your power supply.
  5. so would the HD4650 AGP definitely run fine with my current micro atx 475 watt power supply!?....thanks for ur response
  6. It should, the PCIe version doesn't draw more than 50 W, so the AGP version shouild be nearly the same +/- 5 W. So it's draw would be about the same as a GF6800GT / X800XL / GF7600GT or less even.
  7. ok so do i have the green light to buy the HD4650 agp with my 2.8 ghz p4 with 470 watt powersupply!?!?
  8. Yes it should be fine based on power supply (since it should support basic power draw for the Mobo and AGP already, and it does have a PEG power plug, it should be ok power wise.

    However expect a few hiccups with any new card, and moreso with bridged PCIe to AGP cards with their sometimes problematic drivers.

    It's likely additional headache to continue with AGP, but it should do 'ok' in general, just don't expect it to be completely trouble-free.
  9. i am actually looking at getting the sapphire radeon 3850 agp card would that be ok with my specs!?
  10. my psu is only 470 watt and the hd 3850 agp card requires at least 450 watt with 30 amp 12 volt railings.....do u think mine would handle that!?
  11. Stop trying to extend the life of dead technology!!! Save the money for a new system!
  12. so which card would be better the hd 3650 or the hd 2600xt with my 470 psu and 2.8ghz p4!?!?
  13. A new computer would be better.

    The End
  14. I wouldn't bother with either.
    Seriously the HD4650 consumes very little power.


    So it's the best bet if you do go AGP, but regardless of what you pick that's AGP expect more problems than PCIe.

    So there is value in the idea of upgrading the whole rig, especially depening on what games you want to play, and also how much of a premium an AGP card is.
  15. will the HD4650 fit into my 8x agp slot....i have a sony vaio....so the case is small and notmuch room to mess around with
  16. Look if you have to upgrade your gpu in your current pc get a gpu designed for a system that old.

    512mb HIS Radeon X1650 Pro: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814161052
  17. como_13 said:
    will the HD4650 fit into my 8x agp slot....i have a sony vaio....so the case is small and notmuch room to mess around with

    Unless you specifically need a half-height or low-rise/profile card then the HD4650 is your best bet, if the X1650 above fits, then so will any card with similar size, like this 3650;

    But if you don't need something truly small then the 4650 should be a similar fit, it's not even a full dual slot cooler just slightly wider that the slot it sits in.
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