Someone with Newegg's Prices?


I would like to know if you guys know someone with Newegg's inventory and prices but that accepts international cards.

You see, I don't live here in the US, so my cards are not from here. Newegg does not accepts international ones and they say it is because they don't ship internationally (which kinda makes sense, but not fully....).

Thank you in advance.
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  1. newegg accepts paypal...
  2. Heres a glaringly obvious point Im sure you have thought of .......

    you work out a way of paying

    but they still wont ship internationally so ........???????????
  3. See, I have less than a month to come up with something. Paypal is NOT secure, and I could not find someone with Newegg's prices.

    Outlander_04, I didn't understand your response, but I'll make my point clear:

    I live outside of the US. My time here will end in a little more than a month. However, the prices for computers are very, very good here. I was trying to buy from Newegg, but since my credit card is not American, I cannot buy from them.

    I wanted to know if someone from the Forums know a location (physical or digital) that sells this:
    (I'm not buying the case, though.)

    For a (very) similar price.

    Thank you.
  4. I dont get why you would spend all that money and not get an OCZ Vertex drive...
  5. shadowmaster625 said:
    I dont get why you would spend all that money and not get an OCZ Vertex drive...

    My budget is limited, I don't need that much space for an SSD (that, even though is fast, is too expensive in the GB/dollar ratio).

    I like performance, but take one of the HDs out and add the OCZ Vertex. It is not worth it. I'm not rich, either. I used about 2 years to get to this point. And, anyway, that's not the point of the topic. I need help with where to buy, not what.

    Thank you.
  6. I'm sorry for bumping the topic, but I found out that actually has good prices. Are they reliable? I remember buying my Wii with them.
  7. where do you live? if you live in the EU then try since you get VAT exclusion and ex VAT prices are usually better than newegg prices at the moment.
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