Help with unlocking AMD Phenom II X2 550 Black Edition cores!

ok so i do the steps with Unlock Cpu Cores and ACC and all that

but instead of getting core 1 core 2 core 3 core 4

i get only core 1 and 2

i assumed this is the 3 and 4 cores and then i applied and restarted my computer

didn't boot up so i rested the CMOS and then i disabled the 2nd core

hoping that i will get x3 but i get x1

so where are my 3 and 4 cores?

AMD Phenom II X2 550 Black Edition Callisto

Help plz? :D

Im egyptian and my english is bad so if i choosed the wrong section or category i apologize
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  1. It's possible that your motherboard doesn't support core unlocking. And even if it does, unlocking the extra cores is NEVER guaranteed successful.
  2. my mother board is MSI 770-G45

    i have seen many ppl unlock cores with it

    plus i would have seen the 3th core and 4th core enabled but the system wont launch

    then i would knew that its unstable

    but they are not even there!
  3. The CPUZ screen you are showing is how it looks with the cores locked, if unlocking was enabled it would show the CPU as a Phenom x 4 B something. Is it possible that the system could not boot as a 4 core so the bios went back to the default setting? ie if you enable core unlocking then go into windows then back to the bios does it still show core unlocking is enabled?
  4. i enabled core unlocking and went to windows then back to bios and its still enabled

    and the problem is there is no 3th or 4th core! there is only 1 and 2 and i assumed those are the 3th and 4th cores but when disabling the 2th core hoping to get x3 i got only x1

    thats the problem!

    how come i have no 3th or 4th cores?

    many ppl with same processor got them
  5. I have seen a couple of people say that could not get the AMD Phenom II X2 550 unlocked with a MSI board. I have had to problems unlocking 6 AMD CPUs with ASUS boards. I gave up on msi after 5 boards died from them and a video card that the would now warranty because the label sticker fell off with the model number.
  6. Disabling the 2nd core will only disable the 2nd core. it won't help you get a 3rd or 4th core.

    You don't need to boot into Windows immediately to test settings. Instead try turning the cores on in the bios and go back to the bios. The bios should allow you to adjust core settings for four cores if four are enabled. At least that's how it was when I tried to unlock cores with the MSI 785GM-P45.

    What bios options are available to you? Please spend more time writing your responses and use more detail so that we can help you. Thank you.

    Edit: Instead of booting to Windows, you can boot to a bootable flash stick to see what it recognizes your CPU as. Try installing Memtest86+ to a flashstick and see what it says your CPU is. As Simon12 says, CPU-Z will show B60 or something like that as your CPU instead of 550.

  7. Here thats the options i got

    except Multistep Oc Booster and OC Dial function i dont got those

    now when i set Unlock Cpu Core to Enabled

    and ACC to Auto

    and Cpu Core control to manual

    i get only core 1 and core 2

    and if i boot to windows that way the system wont load

    my monitor wont open but the fan is running

    and ill try to boot from Flash stick ASAP
  8. That sounds like you have the correct settings. Try changing the CPU Ratio to something low like 10x (instead of 15.5x) and restart with those settings.

    Do not attempt to boot Windows. Instead attempt to boot into your bios. If your bios shows 4 cores at that point, then you can work up from there. If it does not, then you can assume it doesn't unlock.

    I attempted to unlock two Phenom II x2 560BE's. One unlocked and is stable with a 400MHz overclock (3.7GHz final). The other unlocked at first and couldn't boot into windows, then never unlocked again. I instead have that one overclocked running at 4.0GHz.
  9. i looked everywhere and couldn't find CPU Ratio :S
  10. On the screenshot you left there, it says "Adjust CPU Ration [Auto]". Change Auto to something like 10.
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