Corsair, PC Power & Cooling or Zalman

which power supply unit should I get?

I'm thinking of building a new pc and it would look something like this;

Core i7 920
Gigabyte Ex-58 UD3R mobo
MSI GTX 275 896mb Twinfrozr
6GB of DDR3 memory
plus other miscellanous parts...

I'm looking at these 3 in particular,


ZALMAN ZM750-Heatpipe 750W

PC Power and Cooling Silencer 750w

Any ideas on a casing as well? I'm choosing between a Coolermaster Storm Scout, CM Storm Sniper, or NZXT Tempest...
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  1. Out of those 3, the corsair is cheaper by a pretty large margin, I would definitely go with that since its a top knotch manufacturer.

    The pcpc one is great also, but at that price, I wouldn't even consider it over the corsair.

    I picked up my silencer 750 for just 90 bucks a few months ago after rebate, great deal.

    If you shop around, you might find some more deals, and dont forget the bing cashback.

    IMO, I really like the storm scout, just the right size, great design, plenty of space and places for more fans. I'm also a sucker for the painted inside as well.

    Plus, it can be had for just 90 on amazon i believe.
  2. Corsair is probably the best of those three. The Antec Truepower New 750W is better: It costs the same ($100) but no rebate game is required.
  3. Corsair - unless you really want modular cables. In that case, PC P&C.
  4. Er the pc p&c one that he listed isnt modular?

    And i agree, that antec one looks mighty fine.
  5. I'd go Corsair.

    (That Antec looks really nice too).
  6. Case choice is as much a personal statement as it is the "right" answer. All are good choices.
    I'd avoid the Zalman psu given that you are considering the other 2.
    Price says get the Corsair. There's nothing wrong with it. It is reliable, stable and powerful enough for what you need. I like the PC P&P and own one. I bought it for less than it's going for now though. Check your wallet and flip a coin.
    You are choosing among all good products.
  7. sweet thanks for the replies! I'm probably gonna get my rig next month once I have my paycheck heh. Still finalizing some of the other parts though...
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